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Explore the bean-to-cup journey of your Jabarano Coffee and learn more about the local people and the places that made it possible. 


Hundreds of Jabarano Coffee customers may not realize that every sip of their coffee tells a story; the concept of traceability has emerged as an action of transparency and accountability. Traceable coffee will take you to the part of the world where your coffee was grown, introduce you to the local farmers behind your morning brew, and let you meet some of the roasters who transformed the highest quality coffee beans into your favorite ones.


The focus of traceable coffee lies in a commitment to trace the coffee beans back to their origins. This journey begins with traveling the coffee-growing regions to learn every process behind your favorite coffee.  At the heart of every farmer, is a dedication to make coffee truly sustainable and nurturing them through each stage of growth.


As the cherries ripen on the trees, farmers carefully select only the ripest fruits, ensuring optimal quality and flavor. From there, the cherries embark on a journey through every processing station, from farming and harvesting to roasting and brewing. Each step is crucial in a journey to make coffee possible.
















With traceability, Jabarano Coffee will take you on a tour to meet farmers and nature which become a huge part of your daily cup of coffee. More than transparency, traceability will bring you to the places where coffee is grown and to the people who grow it. This is Jabarano Coffee's mission to bring coffee drinkers along with us in our efforts to empower local farmers that make coffee possible.


West Java, as one of the most prominent coffee-producing regions in Indonesia, has a story to tell and Jabarano Coffee could not be more excited for coffee drinkers to embark on a journey that connects customers to the whole coffee experience. Jabarano Coffee will unlock the story of the bean-to-cup journey and take coffee drinkers to meet the many people whose time, hard work, and attention make each cup possible.


Beyond its benefits for customers, traceability serves as an opportunity for empowering coffee producers. By creating a direct link between customers and producers, traceability is a tool to provide more information for coffee producers about the whereabouts of their coffee and what it became. Growing coffee is more than just a job for many farmers, it is where the heart of their passion will always be. Thus, it is a work that is enjoyed and celebrated around the world.


By embracing traceability, customers not only enjoy the finest taste of coffee but also support a more fair trade practice. Within each sip, customers take part in a global movement towards a coffee industry that values transparency, integrity, and the well-being of the parties involved.

At Jabarano Coffee, we are committed to 100% local coffee commodities from local farmers, namely in West Java. The origin of Jabarano Coffee’s beans can be traced through its three specialty beans: Javan Surili, Merak Blend, and Nusantara Blend.

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The name Javan Surili derives from the Javan Surili monkey, a species native to the western half of Java, Indonesia. This monkey, known for its agility, embodies the spirit of West Java, a region known as the birth mother of Java Coffee.


Merak, literally translated to Peacock, is one of West Java’s icons. Tari Merak (Peacock Dance) shows the beauty and the movement of peacocks. By choosing this name, Jabarano Coffee wants to promote the creativity of West Java through its diverse culture.



The Nusantara blend introduces the unique and distinct flavor of all coffee beans in Indonesia. Nusantara, is a term used to refer to all islands in Indonesia. By using this name, Jabarano Coffee aspires to help not only coffee farmers in West Java but also in Indonesia.

Roasting Facilities

Located in the vibrant streets of Braga, we invite you to experience the artistry and passion behind every cup at our store in Jabarano Coffee Braga. Our roasting facilities showcase the theater of coffee roasting to deliver you the best of West Java treasure.

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