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Aceh, Bali, and West Java



Nusantara Blend

The Nusantara blend introduces the unique and distinct flavor of all coffee beans in Indonesia. Nusantara, which means Indonesian Archipelago, is a term used to refer to all islands in Indonesia. By using this name, Jabarano Coffee aspires to help not only coffee farmers in West Java but also in Indonesia. We use coffee beans from all across the bean belt in Indonesia such as Sumatra and Bali. As one of the largest coffee-producing and exporting countries in the world, Indonesia is known to have several specialty coffees such as Luwak coffee which is claimed to be the most expensive in the world. Seeing this abundant resource, it will be best to not let this resource go to waste. Jabarano Coffee commits to preserving the heritage of Indonesian coffee.


The Nusantara blend combines the best coffee beans from every region in Indonesia including West Java. This blend combines the best beans from West Java and other provinces in Indonesia. We currently use the famous Aceh Gayo from Takengon, the capital city of Central Aceh. This bean is cultivated at an elevation of 1200-1400 meters above sea level. The Aceh Gayo has a low acidity with roasted cacao, hazelnut, coriander, black currant, and sandalwood flavor notes. The chocolate undertones provide a rich dimension to the taste experience.


Takengon is a perfect region for Aceh Gayo to grow because of its ideal conditions such as temperature and optimal rainfall range. The optimal temperature range to cultivate Aceh Gayo is between 13-28 degrees Celsius with an optimal rainfall range of 100 to 300 millimeters.  These optimal temperatures and levels of rainfall ensure that the quality of the beans is maintained, allowing them to develop their distinctive aromas. The optimal level of rainfall ensures that the plants receive enough hydration, leading to ideal bean development.


Aside from Aceh Gayo, we also use the best Indonesian coffee that originated from one of the prime coffee-growing regions: Bali. The beans we serve come from Kintamani, a district close to Mount Batur, a UNESCO heritage site. Kintamani coffee is arabica beans that grow at an altitude of 1000-1600 meters above sea level. With medium acidity, this coffee brings you sweet, musk, walnut, and orange zest flavor notes at the finish. Kintamani coffee is perfect for every coffee drinker who does not want to get a hint of spice in their coffee. With a medium body, this coffee delivers a solid and sweet aroma with a fresh citrusy flavor that does not leave a sour aftertaste.

Source of beans picture: Specialty Coffee

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