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Meet the Artists

Introducing the local artists who collaborated with us in showcasing the creativity of West Java. With their unique perspectives and dedication, their artworks invite us to pause, reflect, and celebrate the richness of West Java's cultural heritage. 

CH Pottery

CH Pottery is a ceramic art studio located in Teuku Umar, Bandung. This studio focused on pottery that was meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who create every curve with meaning. More than a pottery studio, CH Pottery is a community for artists and art enthusiasts sharing a love for craft. On their Instagram account, we can see the processes and results of their handcrafted pottery which was made for customers. Their feed offers a captivating journey into the world of artisanal ceramics. With each post, viewers are invited to see glimpses of meticulously crafted pieces, showcasing the mastery of technique. We joined hands with CH Pottery Studio to create custom-made tableware for our stores. CH Pottery helped us to make a ceramic cup, saucer, and bowl with our identity on it. On every tableware we have, we put our name, logotype, and icon on it. We have our icon, the Javan Surili monkey, on the Giant Cappuccino Cup and other tableware. Jabarano Coffee is more than delighted to have worked with CH Pottery Studio in making custom-made tableware that our customers love.

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