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Creativity of West Java

West Java is a region that offers abundant opportunities to explore creativity and artistry. From traditional art forms such as batik, wayang golek (puppetry), and angklung music to modern art installations and exhibitions, West Java has it all.


The provincial capital, Bandung, is often referred to as the creative hub of Indonesia, with numerous art galleries, design studios, and fashion boutiques scattered throughout the city. Various of creative events held in West Java include an annual festival that brings together artists, designers, and creatives from across the globe to share their ideas and showcase their works.


The region is also known for its culinary arts, with local dishes that popular among locals and tourists alike. With such a rich and diverse creative scene, West Java offers endless opportunities for those seeking to explore and express their artistic talents.

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Towards those potential and excitement, Jabarano dedicate the brand to expose Creative of Java experience to the society.

One of the way Jabarano Coffee explore West Java Creativity is through it's brand-graphic elements.

Jabarano presents 22 brand-graphic elements that tells stories and facilitate more people to get to know the mesmerizing of West Java through fun and creative way.


The brand-graphic elements of Jabarano accentuates West Java culture with a playful

and dynamic approach. It developed as a unique set of illustrations based on the cultural objects and landscape found in the surrounding areas of West Java.

The color combination used on the elements, represents West Java cultures. Blue symbolizes tranquility and peace, green symbolizes fertility and prosperity, red symbolizes optimism and passion, and brown evoke feelings of warmth and earthiness.

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  1. Merak Dance

  2. Topeng Dance

  3. Jaipong Dance

  4. Sintren Dance

  5. Ronggeng bugis Dance

  6. Buyung Kuningan Dance

  7. Suling

  8. Angklung

  9. Gendang

  10. Coffee Farmer

  11. Kuda Lumping

12. Wayang Golek

13. Javan Surili
14. Ekek Geling

15. Deer

16. Butterfly
17. Javan Leopard
18. Traditional House (Julang Ngapak)

19. Coffee Plants
20.Rafflesia & Leaves
21. Mega Mendung

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