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Arabica and Robusta

Ciwidey, Cianjur, Pangalengan, and


800-1600 meters above sea level

Lemon, Roasted Almond, Cinnamon,


Javan Surili

The name Javan Surili derives from the Javan Surili monkey, a species native to the western half of Java, Indonesia. This monkey, known for its agility, embodies the spirit of West Java, a region known as the birth mother of Java Coffee. Traces of West Java coffee, arguably the most popular coffee in the world, are often forgotten and we aspire to revive the heritage of West Java coffee.


Javan Surili beans are known for their balanced taste, a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. We worked with local farmers from Ciwidey, Cianjur, Pangalengan, and Sumedang to produce high-quality Javan Surili beans. These beans grow in a region with an elevation of 800-1600 meters above sea level. Javan Surili is known for its flavor consistency, showcasing the unique character of West Java’s coffee ranging from its sweetness to acidity. With low to medium acidity, these beans have lemon, roasted almond, cinnamon, and chocolate taste notes at the finish. 


With a remarkable journey from its humble beginning as a cherry on a tree to the earthy scents that awaken our senses, Jabarano Coffee is committed to serving only the finest beans that have undergone a series of processes from harvesting to brewing. The Javan Surili beans have gone through a careful roasting process resulting in medium-dark beans, perfect for your Vietnam drip coffee. Not only for their taste, the Javan Surili beans are also known for their perfect body beans as a result of a selective sorting process.

Source of beans picture: Yuga Hassani

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